How Draya Got Her Drums Back

How Draya Got Her Drums Back

How Draya Got Her Drums Back (photo courtesy Dave TeeVee)

If you recall, in January we asked for your help. Some loser-of-all-losers had the gall to steal Draya’s drums! It was heart-wrenching. She had justĀ bought a new kit, she was all excited and kicking ass. Then BOOM! Gone. Cops were called. Tears were shed. A thief was cursed.

Then the magic happened. Just a few weeks ago…well, let Draya tell you herself:

I was eating a delicious burger on my lunch break when I got a call from someone in my phone that I had entered as “Rachel Drum Chick” (she sold me the drums). I thought it was strange that she was calling me. I picked up, and she said she’d found my drums!!! They were at a pawn shop pretty far south (the theft happened where I live, pretty far north).

I put a hold on the drums until I could get the original investigator of my case down there. The APD cop was super nice. And since I had described the drums exactly in my police report months earlier, he went and picked them up for me!

So thank you, Hey, Gurl fans across the city. This just goes to show that when one person is a *&^%$#@! classless loser sonofa *&@%$, there are many other wonderful guardian angels who will use karma and their good grace to make shit right.

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