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Help Hey, Gurl Find Draya’s Stolen Drums!

Draya's Stolen Drums (snare & low tom)

Draya’s Stolen Drums (snare & low tom) – Photography by Maurice, though it’s been crudely Photoshopped to aid this investigation

Some no-count, miscreant, low-life, d-bag stole two of Draya’s drums earlier this week!

The theft occurred at her Northwest Austin apartment complex and the m#$%^&f&^%$# got away with her snare and low tom.

Thing is, they are are extremely recognizable drums: bright sparkly red with a black stripe around them.

We’d appreciate any help you can lend: tweeting this page, posting it on Facebook, or visiting to see if you see the criminal & her drums. And if you visit music stores and/or pawn shops, please keep an eye out.

Thanks for your help. Hey, Gurl will keep rocking—they can steal our gear, but they can’t steal our RAWK.

Draya Gone, If Better “Drumer”



Then there was the day we almost lost Draya. She was nearly stolen from Hey, Gurl by a talent scout of grand repute.

Luckily, she’s a badass drummer and this kid was only interested in a “drumer.”

Whew! Crisis averted.