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Cold War Kids: “Hang Me Up To Dry”

@DaveTV is on Twitter!

@DaveTV on Twitter!


Dave Prewitt captured our last song of the night, Cold War Kids’ “Hang Me Out To Dry,” on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at Red Eyed Fly. Check out Kacy absolutely belting the vox.


Hey, Gurl and Chasca Share Their Love of Mike Truth and his Replacement Killers

Hey, Gurl and Chasca!!!

Hey, Gurl and Chasca love many things, including one Mike Truth.

May 31, 2013 will live in infamy, or infidelity, or something like that.

Hey, Gurl was honored with the invitation to play as part of Mike Truth’s 20th Anniversary of rocking Austin, Texas under his well-known moniker.

Making the night even more special was the guys from Chasca making the trip from down south to cheer us on.

We love you guys and covet your makeup artist and rogue team of personal shoppers. Thank you for taking the glam bus all the way to Austin!

Hanson: “MmmBop”

Hey, Gurl takes on the inimitable Hanson, with “MmmBop.” Thanks to the wonderful Dave TeeVee for the footage!

Hanson. MMMBop. Oh HELL Yeah!

Hey, Gurl is always working on new songs and we aim to debut a new one or two at each show.

And while some song ideas are embraced, others are mocked relentlessly before being discarded like an old dishcloth.

But when the idea to cover Hanson’s “MMMBop” was floated, well, oh yeah, lemme tell ya, it was a unanimous celebration of epic proportions.

We shared smiles, hugs, hi-fives, and stories of how cute we thought the boys would be (once they hit puberty).

But I digress. Until we debut this baby at Red Eyed Fly on November 10, here’s the video to get you through your daily grind.

Match The Gurl To Her Drink

Match the Gurl to Her Drink

Match the Gurl to Her Drink

Like most people, Hey, Gurl has our faves when it comes to getting our drink on. Well, this pic was taken at a recent Hey, Gurl practice.

Can you match the drink to the Gurl?  Feel free to answer with a Comment, below. A winner will be chosen randomly from all correct answers, and will receive a Guest List spot for our 11/10/12 show at Red Eyed Fly.

For your reference…

The Gurls:
Brittany, Draya, Kacy, Marci

The Drinks:
Tecate, Lone Star, Four Loko (Lemonade Flavor), Corona

Saturday Night Like a Bullet

Saturday Night's Alright for Hey, Gurl

Saturday Night’s Alright for Hey, Gurl

We’re so blown away by and thankful for everyone who’s come out to our first 4 shows (2 at Red Eyed Fly and 2 at Frontier Bar).

So many people have come and rocked out with us, in fact, that we’re playing a SATURDAY NIGHT in November:

Saturday, November 10, 2012
Red Eyed Fly (Austin, Texas)
8:30PM – All Ages

We just wanted to say thanks for supporting us so far. And please bring a few friends to our next show–we promise to have some new songs and help you have a hella good time during our set.

It’s a no-brainer–how can you not have a good time singing the theme from Friends, mashed up with Outkast and George Michael???


brittany, draya, kacy, & marci

Florence and the Machine: “Kiss With A Fist”

Hey, Gurl covering “Kiss With A Fist” by Florence and the Machine. Recorded by Just Joel at Red Eyed Fly in Austin, Texas.