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Hey, Gurl and Chasca Share Their Love of Mike Truth and his Replacement Killers

Hey, Gurl and Chasca!!!

Hey, Gurl and Chasca love many things, including one Mike Truth.

May 31, 2013 will live in infamy, or infidelity, or something like that.

Hey, Gurl was honored with the invitation to play as part of Mike Truth’s 20th Anniversary of rocking Austin, Texas under his well-known moniker.

Making the night even more special was the guys from Chasca making the trip from down south to cheer us on.

We love you guys and covet your makeup artist and rogue team of personal shoppers. Thank you for taking the glam bus all the way to Austin!

Hey, Gurl Screaming Like Goats Who Scream Like Humans

Our very own Marci tweeted some Vine brilliance:

@marCHella: Hey, Gurl #screaming like #goats…screaming like people.

And it goes a little somethin’ like this. If you’re new to Vine, hover over it and click the speaker icon to unmute.

Marci Got a Keytar!!!

The Beauty, The Splendor, The Keytar

The Beauty, The Splendor, The Keytar

If you bought stock in Hey, Gurl’s burgeoning frontwoman/keyboardist, Marci, you’re going to be happy.

For her birthday, her incredibly awesome and surprisingly cool parents purchased for her just about the coolest present a child could receive from their bearers:  a keytar.

When talking about how she may incorporate the keytar into upcoming shows, Marci slyly mused about the possibilities of voice sampling: “Maybe I’ll hide subliminal messages in our music…like, ‘You will buy us a drink’…and just loop it through ‘MmmBop.'”

Brilliant, our Marci is.

Match The Gurl To Her Drink

Match the Gurl to Her Drink

Match the Gurl to Her Drink

Like most people, Hey, Gurl has our faves when it comes to getting our drink on. Well, this pic was taken at a recent Hey, Gurl practice.

Can you match the drink to the Gurl?  Feel free to answer with a Comment, below. A winner will be chosen randomly from all correct answers, and will receive a Guest List spot for our 11/10/12 show at Red Eyed Fly.

For your reference…

The Gurls:
Brittany, Draya, Kacy, Marci

The Drinks:
Tecate, Lone Star, Four Loko (Lemonade Flavor), Corona

Just Joel Immortalizes Hey, Gurl

Hey, Gurl: 4-Up

Hey, Gurl: 4-Up

Our awesome friend and super-fan, Just Joel draws. Really well.  He’s got an online comic thing going that you should totally check out.

Well, now the latest edition to his online exploits is:  US!

Hey, Gurl is super-psyched about Just Joel‘s caricatures of the band!

Thank you, Joel, for bringing out the fun, beauty, splendor, and silliness that makes HG tick.

You can check out the original photos, his original sketches, and the final products on Just Joel’s blog post “Hey, Gurl! Finalized Images!